About Pura Vida Preschool

The methodology

Because children's brains are wired to learn language, the early years are the best time to introduce a second language.  If they can play and sing and hear enough of the second language, they don't have to be "taught" in order to learn.  Our monthly units and themes are exactly what you might find in a traditional preschool-we sing, act, dance, do science experiments, arts and crafts and read stories.  Our routine includes important life skills such as sharing, rotating daily chores and washing hands-we just simply do it all in Spanish-"¡No inglés!"

Normally children begin to understand basic spoken instructions and explanations within a few weeks. To help them develop speaking skills, we concentrate on a couple of basic communication principles every day.  For example, as I'm reading a story or playing a game I might repeat the phrase, "I have... He doesn't have, we have, have, have...,etc." After several months, the children have many basic structures and then as time goes on they fill these in with all kinds of vocabulary.

The name

¡PURA VIDA!  I spent a semester in the beautiful country of Costa Rica: the loving people, the peaceful government and 25% of it's land and wildlife protected in national parks make it a favorite for me AND the people walk around greeting each other with "pura vida" (pure life or life is good).  It had to be the name of a happy little Spanish preschool run by a nature-loving teacher.

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