Learning Resources for children


  • Whistlefritz-Jorge Anaya 
  • Spanish by Beth Manners (these use a lot of English but are fun to listen to-great for the car)
  • Calico Spanish (find these songs on youtube)
  • Play and Learn Spanish by Ana Lomba 
  • Hop, Skip and Learn Spanish by Ana Lomba 

Apps for phones/Tablets

  • Gus on the Go-Spanish
  • Duolingo
  • Muzzyonline.com
  • Rosetta Stone

Immersion videos

The videos on this site have native Spanish-speaking children & is a GREAT resource but I always have trouble loading the videos. Maybe because it's out of the UK-if anyone has better luck than me, please pass on your tricks!!

The simple animation & language in this show make it easy for young children to enjoy & follow even though it is completely in Spanish-great immersion starter show.  

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