Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Los pollitos (little chicks)

La canción (Song)

Post named after a new song we've been working on.  Also because my three little chicks had their first squabble-involved an unfair grab & two shrieks: Click here to listen:  Los pollitos
Kids have already picked up a lot of the vocabulary from below. Their favorite part is when I wrap the abrigo around them.

Key words:
  • pollitos (chicks)
  • tienen hambre (they have hunger)
  • tienen frío (they are cold)
  • el maíz (corn)
  • el trigo (wheat)
  • abrigo (coat)
  • alas (wings)
  • duermen (they sleep)

El cuento  (Story)

  • ¡Esa mosca! (That fly!-A fly enters la ventana (window) and lands on different items before it finally leaves through la ventana.  We are going to do more with moscas next week.

More language notes:

  • The kids know Me gusta and mala o buena. (They love to tease about something being mala (yucky) even if it is really buena (good). We've been working on quiero (I want) and I heard a few, Quiero más.

Just for fun:

I like this sesame street song Me gusta. I haven't shown it to the kids because it is mostly in English but my Kindergarten students loved it last year-might be fun to try at home.  ¡Hasta pronto!

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