Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This post is so named for el sentido de humor (sense of humor) that my little students have and testimony of the power of humor on learning.  Apparently they got tired of teasing about snack being mala when it is really buena and today they decided on their own to tease about the agua being leche.  As I teased along, I heard the sentences go from Spanglish"It's not agua, it's leche" to "No es agua, es leche"

Vocabulary progress:

Two months ago, explaining to the kids and getting them to touch the colored plates during the rainbow song was quite a disaster but we've made huge progress.  Every day after we sing El arco iris, the kids take turns handing me the color that I ask for.  Today was our best day yet-I think they can all identify the colors of the rainbow in Spanish.


I added one little thing to our ending routine.  ¿Dónde está ...?  (Where is...?)  Today I had hid three pictures of conejos (bunnies) around the room and everyone had to find one before we did our counting and our final cheer.  Kids were so sweet to each other, being patient to not give away the hiding spots when they had already found their own.  We'll continue this everyday so that we are always looking for something new.  By the way the final cheer is ¡BIEN HECHO! (good job) and we do it no less than 3 times because for some reason the kids love it and keep saying again, again.

Just for fun:  

Just previewing some online resources for kids.  This one has a great little activity to practice colors.  If you want to try it, click here.

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