Thursday, December 13, 2012


This month has been focused on Celebrations.  We've read books about birthday parties, Santa and his reindeer but I think the kids enjoyed Thanking the Moon (a Chinese celebration of the moon) most of all.   Here is some of the vocabulary that they've picked up.

  • los globos-balloons
  • las luces-lights
  • la luna-the moon
  • la comida-food
  • las estrellas-stars
  • el pastel-cake
  • las linternas-flashlights
We also started learning this sweet song, called Esta lucecita.  The kids use their linternas, and shine them around the room as they sing.  We're just learning the first part of the song and will replace some of the countries with different places as we learn them.

This week, I learned that students P and S's favorite song is "Old McDonald had a farm."  We learned the Spanish version, "Vengan a ver mi granja"  (Come and see my farm)  It was an immediate hit and they already know it pretty well!

Just for fun

Just found out about  You can switch the language to Spanish and they have 6 minute videos that are easy to follow with the talented animations!  I just found this one about a stolen estrella that has lots of vocab that the kids know and will easily follow. 

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