Saturday, June 6, 2015


Tuesdays don't come quick enough for me-I am loving these cute kids and hearing them clap out a rhythm in two rows, chant a counting out rhyme together & pick up these new games so quickly!

Counting out rhymes (to decide who is IT or not IT) like eeny meeny miney mo

We start off class with these to determine the order of our clapping game.

El cielo es azul.                       The sky is blue 
¿Cuánto años tienes tú?           How old are you?

Manzana, manzana,                      Apple, apple
manzana podrida                           Rotten apple
uno, dos, tres, salida                      one, two, three, out!

Cinco ratoncitos                              Five little mice
de colita gris                                    with grey tails
muevan las orejas                            move their ears
muevan la nariz                               move their nose
uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco             one, two, three, four, five
corren al rincon                                they run to the corner
Porque viene el gato                        Because the cat comes
 a comer ratón.                                 to eat the mice.

Clapping games 

(clic links to see videos)

Por aquí pasó un caballo                   A horse passed by here
con las patas al revés                        With backwards legs
si me dices cuántas tiene                 If you ask me how many he had
te diré que dieciseís                         I would tell you sixteen
uno, dos, tres, etc.                            One, two, three, etc.

More Games (here are the explanations to a few of the games we are playing in class)

(This is similar to London Bridges & is very popular so far)

A la víbora, víbora                         The snake, the snake
de la mar, de la mar                        Of the sea, of the sea
por aquí pueden pasar.                    You can all pass through here
Los de adelante corren mucho,       Those in front will run so much
y los de atrás se quedarán                And those behind will stay
Tras, tras, tras,                                  Stay, stay, stay, (and get caught)

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