Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Edificios y casas

This month we are talking about buildings, homes and construction.  Throughout the month we will be including shapes, colors and adjectives to describe the buildings, plus fun verbs for building.  I've tightened up on the kids by not  letting them speak in English.  They are coming up with some pretty great stuff... Little M told me in English that she was almost as tall as her mom but when I told her, "No inglés,"she came up with "Yo, alta, mamá"  Not bad for only a few months into our program!

We've added some new songs....

Para construir

A mí me gusta clavar con martillo,                                  I like to nail with a hammer,
clavar con martillo, clavar con martillo.                        nail with a hammer, nail with a hammer.
A mí me gusta clavar con martillo para construir.        I like to nail with a hammer in order to build.

A mí me gusta serruchar                                                    I like to saw, to saw
serruchar, serruchar.                                                           to saw, to saw, to saw to saw
A mí me gusta serruchar para construir.                         I like to saw in order to build

A mí me gusta lijar la madera,                                         I like to sand the wood
lijar la madera, lijar la madera.                                        sand the wood, sand the wood
A mí me gusta lijar la madera para construir.                I like to sand the wood in order to build.

Edificios (buildings)
  • la casa          house
  • el castillo      castle
  • el puente       bridge
  • el museo       museum
  • la fábrica       factory
  • el torre           tower
  • el nido           nest (bird's house :))
  • la cueva         cave

Es... (It is...)
  • larga y corta     (long & short)
  • baja y alta         (short & tall)
  • grande y pequeño   (big & small)
  • bello y feo       (beautiful & ugly)

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