Saturday, October 20, 2012

El otoño (The fall)

October has been such a fun month as we've based our lessons on semillas (seeds), árboles (trees), hojas (leaves) and ardillas (squirrels).  My favorite language observation was a confusion between 2 near homophones "hojas" & "ojos" (leaves & eyes).  As we began a book about leaves, I asked the kids to point to the "hojas" one pointed to the leaves in the book and the other 2 to their own pair of "ojos."

With all the rain (lluvia) we've had, we've learned a new favorite song.  It's called Que llueva (Let it rain!).  It's a fun traditional song because it describes the crazy rainy seasons of central and south america when one minute it trickles, stops and then ends in a downpour (un chaparón)!

¡Que llueva!

Magical necklaces

At the beginning of class we put on our Spanish necklaces and this changes our mouths to only speak in Spanish (of course this is most effective for the teacher).  The kids have picked up so much vocabulary that I've become more and more strict about the power of these necklaces and they surprise me and I think themselves how they can express themselves.  As I describe under methodology in the link to the right, the goal is to get the kids to use basic structures (I have, I like, There are, I need, It is...) and then they can fill these in with all their new vocabulary.

I am composing a list of these basic structures and will put it up in my next post, then I am going to have an individual report of which structures each child has incorporated into their speech.  I'm having so much fun observing how kids learn a second language!!

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